MEGUIN Oil of Germany 從馬車用潤滑油走向現代發動機用潤滑油

MEGUIN Oil of Germany 從馬車用潤滑油走向現代發動機用潤滑油


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MÉGUIN代表一百六十年的潤滑劑經驗和代表品質和先進的新產品創意。在此背景下,該公司從薩爾路易斯在德國薩爾州地區取得了技術進步微薄的貢獻。 MÉGUIN現在在礦物油業務為全球性營運。


1890年, MÉGUIN預先規畫擴大其產品範圍包括礦物油和潤滑油的技術。該工廠的位置,發揮了重要作用與薩爾州成為德國的重工業領域之一。一如以往, MÉGUIN仍然持續地發展在新產品,例如,與迪林格HUTTE其他合作夥伴之一。這個客戶和製造商之間的密切合作是發展的必要條件,因為現有條件確立了產品的要求。

時至今日MÉGUIN是全球領先的系統供應商的礦物油產品和潤滑劑領導品牌之一。該公司的全系列產品,包括汽車製造業,零售業和汽車售後服務業。隨著技術成熟,超現代化的生產規模和實驗室,超越國際標準的設施, MÉGUIN始終保證一流的品質在每一項產品。礦物油和油脂的地位,是該行業的楚翹。


於2006年6月2日LIQUI MOLY接手MÉGUIN的多數股份。此後,礦物油工廠已經由率領LIQUI MOLY的合作夥伴Ernst普羅斯特管理。


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MÉGUIN represents 160 years of experience in lubricants and stands for quality and sophisticated new product ideas. With this background, the company from Saarlouis in Germany’s Saarland region has made a modest contribution to technological progress. MÉGUIN now operates globally in the mineral oil business.

It all started in 1847 with the production of lubricants for carriages, hoof grease and linseed oil. The company’s founder Gustav Méguin set his entire focus on goods that were practically indispensable in the growing industrialisation. The need for machines increased enormously – and the demand for lubricants grew along with it, matching it pace for pace.

In 1890, MÉGUIN expanded its product range to include mineral oils and technical lubricants, which were required for early motorisation. The plant’s location played a key role with Saarland becoming one of Germany’s heavy industry areas. As in the past, MÉGUIN still develops new products for underground use, for instance, with Dillinger Hütte among other partners. This close cooperation between customer and manufacturer is essential for development since the conditions on site determine the requirements of a product.

Today MÉGUIN is one of the leading system suppliers in the field of mineral oil products and lubricants. The company’s full product range includes articles for the automotive and manufacturing industries, retail and the motor trade. With a technically sophisticated, ultramodern production site and its own laboratories boasting facilities that surpass international standards, MÉGUIN always guarantees top quality in every product. Mineral oil and grease are produced in the same location – an exception in the industry.

The sales mix offered by the Saarland-based company includes lubricants for cars, commercial vehicles and industry. The logistics services in particular make a valuable additional service for customers.

On 2 June 2006, LIQUI MOLY took over the majority shares of MÉGUIN. Since then, the mineral oil plant has been headed by Ernst Prost who is also managing partner of LIQUI MOLY. 



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